Sure Entrepreneurs Platforms to Source Fund or get Loan

Yesterday, we went to a virtual community group meeting. The speaker shared four links he used to get funding, and we thought it would be fun to write about them in this blog post. Find out more below!
They are people who work in the community and help other people.

Community entrepreneurs are people who set up or run an online or offline space for their community to help them get things done. In this case, they are forward-thinking people or businesses that do business in the fields of health and agriculture, ICT, and non-profits. They create effective and long-term jobs by growing their human capital.

4 Places Community Entrepreneurs Can Find Money.
You can use these links to look for money:
1. The SME Support Center is at
There is a website called “Nourishing Africa.”

3. 3.
It’s called “Global Giving.”

Attract, empower, equip, connect, and celebrate over 1 million young African agri-food entrepreneurs. This is the SME Support Center’s goal. Nourishing Africa’s goal is to grow the SME ecosystem in Africa by giving simple, local, and long-term solutions that are easy to use. Global Giving’s goal is to help African small businesses and connect nonprofits, donors, and businesses in almost every country in the world with each other.

It’s our job to help other nonprofits get the money, tools, training, and support they need to help their communities. You have to do a lot of research and work, and be patient for 10 tons. You also have to be patient. Especially for people from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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