The 4 Best Sleeping Positions For Two

At bedtime, whether alone or with a partner, it is very important to opt for comfort first so as not to have posture problems.
The 4 best sleeping positions for two

While it is true that sleeping together strengthens your relationship, it is also true that, many times, when sharing a bed, we end up in awkward positions and, above all, very harmful to our health.

Therefore, to get absolute rest and not harm your body, take note of these positions that will allow you to sleep with your love and be comfortable at all times.

The key, in addition to the position you like best, is seeking comfort and escaping from impossible positions where you could get hurt. All these positions will allow you to have a pleasant night’s sleep and in total union with your partner.

Recommended sleeping positions for two

1. on the side

sleep for two

If you both like to sleep on your side, it’s best if it’s back to back. This way, you will be able to avoid the numbness of the body and will not be in uncomfortable positions  where you take the space of the other.

Without a doubt, it’s a good way to get some rest and sleep as a couple.

  • If one person likes to sleep on their side and the other on their stomach, for example, then the best thing is for the person who sleeps on their side to turn a little on their back.
  • Meanwhile, the other can sit perfectly flat on his back, arms outstretched.

2. Embraced


Many couples enjoy this position, although it is not always the most comfortable. Problems arise when one person likes it and the other finds it a little stifling, especially in summer.

To try to please both of you, you can allow one of them to lie down practically on their stomach, with a pillow under their stomach: that way you’ll avoid putting pressure on their back.

The other will have to stand aside and just put his arm through the other’s body in an embrace.

3. belly up


This position is ideal for both of you to rest, as no one will exert more pressure than adequate with their bodies on the other. If the two like to sleep like this, just hold hands to be united, and that’s it.

4. Shell


This is another of the most common sleeping positions for two. The shell is one of many people’s favorite positions. But is it healthy? The answer appears to be yes, as it helps to eliminate pressure on the spine.

The best option to enjoy this posture is to lie on your side, bend your knees and place a pillow or pillow between your legs. So, both will be able to rest.

Avoid unstable positions


Avoid getting into impossible positions in which, for example, your head rests on your arm, your legs on your arms, and other positions that can cause pain if held too long.

You can stop proper circulation in certain areas  because of the pressure you are exerting.

This isn’t just bad for your health—they may both be uncomfortable, yet no one wants to confess it so they don’t hurt the other.

A good mattress, the best posture possible


There is little or no point in having good posture if the mattress is not adequate. Think of a model that suits your needs, that is not too hard, not too soft, not too worn…

This is also applicable when choosing a pillow, and you will have to pay attention to this aspect as well.

It is highly recommended that you take into account that there are times to pamper your partner and others that are for sleeping, and this should be reflected when choosing a good position, as healthy as possible.

Therefore, uncomfortable postures should be avoided, no matter how romantic they may seem, or, otherwise, pain in the back or other regions of the body may arise.

Find a balance between the position that pleases both and, above all, respect the space of each.

Remember that it is necessary to rest at bedtime and that displays of affection can be carried out in many ways without compromising health.

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