The 7 Weight Loss Exercises

In addition to choosing one exercise or another, the important thing when losing weight is to be consistent and, above all, combine them with a balanced diet.

You probably think  the best sport to lose weight  is running. Although it has many qualities and helps to lose weight… it is not the only one. With that in mind, today we’ll talk about the 7 exercises that make you lose weight.

There are exercises that can be even more beneficial in your quest to have a slim body in a short amount of time. In this article, we’ll reveal what the most effective routines are  .

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The benefits of running

woman running to lose weight

The hottest exercise these days is running. It’s simple and doesn’t need more than good sneakers. You can practice at a park and not spend a dime. One minute of running at 8 km/hour burns 8  calories.

 The faster we go, the more fat we eliminate. The rule is simple.

However, many people are not very fond of running, even though they know it is good for their health. Recent studies claim that although it is a good discipline, there are others that win.

According to the director of the  National Strength and Conditioning Association in New York, Harold Gibbons, “More calories are burned in high-intensity weight training than running.”

In fact, weight loss is about  effort, muscle mass, weight and height. And, of course, the age of each athlete.

The best exercise for fat loss is aerobic. It has to be long lasting (one hour) and of low intensity. For example, dancing or stepping .

Which sport is most effective for weight loss?

Do dumbbell exercises to lose weight

We know that running is a good exercise if you want to lose weight, but we can build a list or ranking of the most recommended exercises by doctors and trainers:

Exercises that weight loss: Kettlebell

The Kettlebell is a ball with a handle that allows you to work your quadriceps and thighs. Allows the practice of vitality and energy exercises for the heart. It can burn up to 20 calories per minute and increase your heart rate by up to 93%.

You can do a maximum of 20 minutes a day.

Swinging with the Kettlebell (which come in different sizes) is quite difficult, as we are not used to this movement. It is ideal for eliminating belly fat, toning your arms and strengthening your legs.

These balls allow you to lose up to  300 calories in a half-hour routine.

Exercises that lose most weight: rowing

People practicing rowing to lose weight

An adult weighing 84 kg can burn about 400 calories every half hour if he paddles vigorously. That means 12.5 calories per minute (approximately).

It works mainly on the muscles of the arms,  back  and legs, although it is a general and complete workout.

In turn, it’s perfect for cardiovascular endurance. Strengthens quadriceps and lats. It is excellent for weight loss and for helping to develop flexibility and strength.

You don’t need to have a kayak to paddle, because in many gyms there is a device that simulates the exercise.

Exercises that lose the most: burpees

man doing burpees to lose weight

This exercise is very difficult and tiring, but it’s worth it. It allows you to burn almost 2 calories per repetition. Ideally, perform 10 every 60 seconds (14 calories less).

It also serves to speed up metabolism. It is recommended to do burpees  with simple progressions as it is a complex technique. It works multiple muscles at the same time and burns a lot of calories.

In order to have greater effects, it is recommended to do it within a circuit or an exercise sequence. In a one-hour training it is advised to do 15.

Weight-loss exercises: jumping rope

Woman jumping rope to lose weight

A moderate intensity allows you to do about 100 to 120 jumps per minute, which burns 13 calories. The good thing about jumping is that it  works  more muscle groups than running.

It also helps improve coordination, balance, and wrist skills  .

Not only does it have muscle benefits, it also reduces the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety and hypertension…

And you just need a rope!

Exercises that make you lose weight: riding a bike

Riding a bike to lose weight

While any bike ride can help, the best is the mountain ride. In one hour of cycling, 1500 calories can be burned (25 per minute).

Experts also suggest that you don’t need to live in a valley to enjoy the benefits of this exercise.

Cycling strengthens your leg muscles (and slims them down) and improves breathing and heart rate.

Exercises that lose the most: crossfit

Man practicing cross fit to lose weight

It is one of the fashionable exercises and has its origins in US military training. A single class can burn a lot of calories and also has the characteristic that each person sets their own pace.

It consists of a routine with a series of exercises using some accessories.

It is necessary that the activity is supervised by a specialist and starts little by little, as the intensity is quite high.

Crossfitting (also known as functional training) two to three times a week improves strength and endurance.

Weight-loss exercises: squats

Squats to lose weight

It is an exercise known to everyone, but there are those who are still unaware of its advantages. Allows you to burn 13 calories per minute, on average , but to give results, it must be exercised for at least half an hour.

During this period, you can do 8 sets of 20 reps each with a break of 45 seconds on average.

It tones and slims your legs, strengthens your buttocks and helps improve your back posture. If dumbbells are added, it will also work the arms.

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