The Benefits Of Seawater

Many people like to go to the beach, but few know why. Today we’ll talk about the benefits of seawater. You will be surprised!
The benefits of sea water

We can experience the benefits of seawater by coming into contact with it and even drinking it. It can relieve symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and psoriasis. Furthermore, it is also very useful for treating anxiety.

Many people go to the beach on vacation to relax, rest, get in touch with nature and sunbathe. However, they are unaware of the health benefits of seawater.

Seawater surveys

In China, seawater has been used for 4,000 years. The pioneer was Emperor Fu-Shi, known as the father of marine medicine. He recommended drinking seawater, eating seaweed and salts to recover and maintain health.

Recently, the French researcher René Quinton discovered that the components of seawater were the same as those in the cells of the human body, being very similar to blood plasma.

Years later, together with Doctor Jarricot, he founded the so-called “marine dispensaries”. There, sea water was used to cure various diseases such as cholera, thyroid, malnutrition and skin problems. Thus, they were able to save thousands of lives, mainly of children.

Then, they started to bottle sea water and called it “marine plasma”. These dispensaries were also created in other countries around the world such as Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Uruguay and South Africa.

sea ​​water benefits


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seawater properties

Firstly, we can say that sea ​​water has its own composition, that is, it is different from the fresh water found in lakes, lakes and rivers.


It has zinc, iodine, potassium and trace elements that make it an excellent resource for the care of our body in general. Among the main properties of seawater we can find its antibiotic effect, ideal for accelerating wound healing processes.

On the other hand, floating or swimming between the waves helps us to relax our muscles due to the iodine, which in turn helps us to recover from certain injuries. Furthermore, it is ideal in rehabilitation or post-operative processes.

Due to the magnesium in its composition, seawater is said to help fight anxiety. A recommended therapy for nervous disorders, depression and stress are stays on deserted beaches, far from urban centers. There is no recent research in this regard, so we recommend consulting a specialized physician. That way he can prescribe the proper treatment.


In the treatment of respiratory and rheumatic problems

It is recommended for people with illnesses or respiratory problems to breathe in the sea breeze. In addition, it is advisable to take a bath on the beach, as the salt water helps the lungs to eliminate all toxins, as highlighted by the study published in Oto-Rhino-Laryngologia nova. Seawater is a powerful remedy for coughing up phlegm, colds and other more serious illnesses.

On the other hand, patients with rheumatic problems, such as arthritis or arthrosis, benefit greatly from seawater, as the intense pain that usually characterizes these problems is reduced. However, there is no recent research in this regard.

To treat liver problems

Seawater is used to treat liver problems. It allows for the regeneration of cells that have been damaged due to cirrhosis, for example. In this disease, a lot of fluid accumulates in the abdomen, making it appear that the patient is pregnant (whether male or female). Drinking sea water is possible to eliminate this excess liquid.

Everything just mentioned is correct, but in fact, there are no recent studies to support this information. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor so that he can provide a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment for each case.

To treat skin diseases

For skin conditions such as psoriasis, it is recommended to rub the affected parts with seawater. The characteristic scales detach and fall on their own. The same happens with the scalp, where it accumulates dead skin and produces a lot of itching.

Benefits of sea water

To relax

When we enjoy the walks on the beach, in addition to exercising and relaxing our mind, we take the opportunity to chat with our partner or watch the sunset. The waves massage our feet with salt water and, at the same time, the sand exfoliates our heels.

Anyone who lives near the sea should undergo therapy at least once a week. In summer, it would be ideal to take a dip after leaving work and, in winter, breathe the cool breeze on the boardwalk. Both activities are very beneficial to health.

If you live far from the beach, don’t wait for a vacation, take advantage of a weekend or holiday to enjoy the benefits of sea water.

Benefits of sea water

Benefits of Sea Water to Treat Insomnia

To treat insomnia problems, it is advisable to spend the day at the beach, take a walk by the sea or simply watch the waves for a while, breathing in the breeze. This automatically relaxes the person and provides a peaceful sleep at night.

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