The Importance Of Family Support During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful and complex process through which the mother requires a lot of support, both from her partner and from the family. Check out some recommendations on this subject.
The importance of family support during pregnancy

Many people do not understand the importance of family support during pregnancy. The truth is that  the support given to the mother-to-be helps her to be in a good mood, which benefits the health of the future baby.

– I think you should stop eating so much. You will become a whale.

– Please avoid comments about things nobody asked you. Thanks.

Yes, it sounds like a harsh answer, but it’s an answer that will give you peace of mind throughout 9 months and beyond. Having a mother feel supported and supported during pregnancy frees her of stress hormones and helps prevent postpartum depression, according to this study published in Atención Primaria .

The arrival of a new family member implies the creation of new bonds. Therefore, the family grows and each member must open an emotional space for the future baby, which is why everyone’s support is needed.

Phrases that pregnant women don’t need to hear


Pregnant woman in family.
At this stage, positive comments about the mothers must always be present.

In addition to the excess of feelings that arise because of pregnancy, women are exposed to a series of negative comments from people they live with, comments that can make the mother-to-be feel bad.

Below, we list the phrases that pregnant women should not hear:

  • Watch out! If you get too fat, then you won’t be able to lose weight.
  • Are you going to have the baby?
  • Do you want to have another one or is it the last one?
  • And what are you going to do with your work?

Negative or unconstructive comments end up affecting the pregnant woman’s health and, therefore, the baby’s health as well.

We know that this type of comment is not always intended to harm the expectant mother, but it is necessary to understand the importance of family support during pregnancy and how these simple things can affect pregnant women.

The support of the father is the most important.

The father’s unconditional support throughout the pregnancy helps the mother to better manage mood swings, stress and the whole experience of expecting a baby.

The hormonal changes women go through during pregnancy can make them somewhat insecure, anxious and irritable in any situation. This is when the couple should be closer together.

The woman is the one who will carry the baby in her womb for 9 months, but the responsibility and commitment belong to both parents. What a pregnant woman needs most from her partner is love and support. Someone who listens to her without judging the changes she will have to go through at this stage.

Likewise, as evidenced by this research published in Revista Matronas Profesión , the follow-up and support of the father during pregnancy is beneficial to significantly promote the attachment bond.


Pregnant woman happy to be always accompanied
Parents must also actively participate in pregnancy!

What should you do as a pregnant woman

While ideally everyone around you understands the importance of family support during pregnancy, not everyone will.

So, you must be prepared to avoid the level of concern generated by the opinions of those around you. Therefore, consider the following recommendations:

  • When you have questions or concerns about pregnancy, don’t look to your friends and family for answers. The experts are the only ones who can tell you what to do.
  • If your family exaggerates the advice, you should stand your ground and ask for respect.
  • You must understand that the role of those around you should be that of companions. If that’s not the case, it’s a good idea not to have them too close to avoid being affected.

Family support during pregnancy: how to provide it?

Often, family members and even the partner of the expectant mother are unaware of the importance of family support during pregnancy and are unaware of the most appropriate way to face the hormonal changes that the pregnant woman has to live.

So, here are some recommendations for you to be a good company for the mother:

  • Always express how much you love her, without fear and without subtracting words from that feeling.
  • Pay attention when she shows interest in sharing her fears and emotions.
  • Don’t underestimate the problems related to the future baby.
  • Respect her personal space, especially if she wants to be alone or doesn’t want to talk.

In relation to family support during pregnancy…


Ultimately, family support during pregnancy is really significant for the mother’s state of mind and the health of the unborn baby.

Just asking, “ Is there anything I can help with?” will make her feel very good and protected during this very special time for her and for everyone around her.

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