The Incredible Benefits Of Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is an ancient plant, widely used in the south of the country. Get to know some of its properties.
The incredible benefits of yerba mate

Since ancient times, drinking the infusion of yerba mate has been part of the gastronomic tradition of several societies in the southern regions.

The plant, which grew naturally in the region, was used by the first Guarani peoples; soon after, more widely in modern times in countries such as: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and some parts of Chile.

Next, we’ll talk about some of the health benefits of yerba mate. This herb is a species of shrub belonging to the genus Ilex paraguariensis , plants also known as holly.

Yerba mate grew naturally in the basin of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, especially in its high parts.

The Guarani and Tupi natives of these regions used the herb in a traditional way, collecting the leaves of the wild plant.

It was the Jesuits, established in the Missions who “domesticated” and planted the mate herb on a large scale.

Currently, Brazil is the largest producer of yerba mate, followed by Argentina and Paraguay.

yerba mate benefits

Yerba mate contains caffeine in important amounts, as well as antioxidants, potassium, amino acids and vitamins. The main health benefits of yerba mate are:

  • Helps in cardiovascular health. Thanks to the good amount of antioxidants, mate can help prevent cardiovascular disease, preventing cholesterol and fat from accumulating in the arteries. This is an extremely important aspect of consuming this traditional drink.
  • Increases good cholesterol. Similarly to the previous one, in a recent study carried out by the University of Illinois (United States), it was shown that the consumption of mate increases the amount of good cholesterol. This type of cholesterol, also known as HDL, helps prevent heart attacks.
  • Helps to delay aging. As a result of the action of antioxidants, regular consumption of mate helps prevent oxidation and cell wear.
  • Offers physical strength. Taking mate collaborates with the acceleration of the metabolism , and thus the body consumes carbohydrates more quickly . The increase in energy is due both to the burning of calories consumed with food, as well as those stored in the body in the form of fat.

How to prepare

The most common way to consume mate is mainly in the drink called chimarrão. This drink is prepared by adding the dried leaves and ground branches of the yerba mate to hot water (not boiling them together).

Traditionally, a container called a gourd is used, and the drink is taken through a “metallic straw” called a pump.

In the Rio da Prata region, it is common for people to gather to drink mate, an activity commonly known as matear . In addition, consumption of the drink, for many, is daily.

So there are significant advantages to drinking mate. So it would be a great option to share this custom and kill regularly.

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