Trapeze Contracture: 5 Strategies That Will Be A Great Help

To relieve trapezius contracture it is essential to rest so as not to strain the area and then combine hot and cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation.
Trapeze Contracture: 5 Strategies That Will Help You

Trapezius contracture is more common than you think. It’s uncomfortable, disabling, and appears when you least expect it.

Factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, computer work, cervical spine problems and even arthritis almost always create an overload in this very specific area.

The trapezius is a large muscle located at the back of the neck at the base of the skull and extends to the shoulders.

Sometimes it’s enough to stretch your arm to pick something off the ground and notice this pull. Or perhaps, it will be enough just to breathe to feel the contracture, the burning, of that familiar enemy.

If this is the case for you, if you have already experienced this, or if you are currently experiencing discomfort in this area, do not hesitate to look for a good physiotherapist and follow these simple homemade tips.

1. Rest

Whether you like it or not, you need to slow down. It is common for trapezius contracture to arise in these connective tissues between the neck and the scapula, where the pain that the patient describes as “a stab” or a “knot” that prevents it from moving is located.

  • Moving too much or generating forceful postures will further intensify the contracture. So, be aware: complete rest.
  • It’s better to rest for at least a week. During this time, avoid transporting cargo. In fact, even bringing the classic shoulder bag can be detrimental.
  • Rest on the couch for the first few days and gradually begin  gentle mobility therapy to rehabilitate the affected area.

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2. Ice to relieve trapezius contracture

Ice treatment to relieve trapezius contracture

Rest and regular application of ice will be very helpful.

  • It is recommended that every hour and a half apply an ice pack for 15 minutes on the affected trapezius.
  • This will reduce inflammation and bring about an analgesic effect. However, one should not forget the medical advice of specialists.
  • In case of severe pain, take the prescribed medication. However, ice therapy usually works well.
  • You can, for example, take  a hot bath  and then apply the ice pack to the trapeze.

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3. Ginger infusion

Ginger treatment to relieve trapezius contracture

Among the most appropriate natural remedies for reducing pain and inflammation is, without a doubt, the ginger infusion.

  • Its volatile oils, such as beta bisabolene and zingiberene, are anti-inflammatory agents indicated for muscle overload as well as joint pain.
  • One can take three infusions a day, and each infusion adds 250 mg to 1 gram of powdered ginger.

4. Small daily stretches

Exercises to relieve trapezius contracture

On the second day, the rigorous break is broken to start a small stretch to restore elasticity to that muscle and joint group of the trapezius.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to seek advice from a physical therapist.

If you cannot go to a good specialist, there is the option of doing a simple stretching at home.

  • For this, you can perform the exercises shown in the image above.
  • It’s best to start with the simplest thing:  bring your hand to your head and hold this position for a few seconds  (the hand should be on the same side as the affected trapezius).
  • Then bend your torso down, dropping both hands, in order to exert a good stretch in the trapezius area.

Perform this routine at your own pace, without straining yourself at any time.

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5. Treatment with castor oil (castor)

Castor oil treatment to relieve trapezius contracture

Castor oil has been used as a natural remedy to treat stiff neck.

This treatment is  ideal for reducing the pain, inflammation and muscle tension that are so common in trapezius contracture.

In fact, it’s a classic for relieving arthritis pain. See how to use castor oil:

Need to:

  • a flannel
  • 2 tablespoons of castor oil (30 g)
  • A hot towel or thermal bag

How to proceed

  • The first step is to heat the flannel. Place it on a stove or heater so that it reaches temperature without allowing it to burn.
  • Then moisten the flannel with two tablespoons  of castor oil.
  • Lie down and place the cloth over the affected trapezius.
  • On that same cloth,  put a thermal bag so that the heat stays  in this area and doesn’t escape.

This treatment can be performed daily. Gradually, you will notice a great relief and you will regain mobility and also the pain relief.

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