What’s Worse For Our Health, Fat Or Sugar?

To improve the taste of many low-fat foods manufacturers add sugar, which makes the problem persist.
What's worse for our health, fat or sugar?

Nutrition experts warn us that the problem of obesity is currently one of the most common dangers to our health and, furthermore, overweight continues to increase year after year in every country at an almost alarming rate.

Why does this happen? We have a great deal of possibilities to avoid it, as there are light foods, we have countless options to play sports, exercise…

Many believe that the main enemy to our health and our weight is the sugar. For others, though, it’s the saturated fats present in most foods.

In any case, it seems that we live in a curious age where our soaps are rich in nutrients and vitamins, while many of our foods are less and less healthy.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a daily effort on our part to “eat well”, to take our nutrition seriously in order to avoid obesity. That’s why today we want to answer this question that many have already asked themselves… What is worse? Fat or sugar?

The Truth About Fats and Sugar

Woman consulting doctor about fat and sugar levels.

The fact is curious, according to nutritionists, for a long time the consumption of fats was demonized without considering the dangers of sugar consumption.

The reason for this was the fact that a gram of fat has 9 calories, while a gram of sugar contains 4 calories, which meant that for a long time, especially during the 70s, the population became authentically addicted to sugar.

While it’s true that we still have this addiction today, what happens is that most of the processed foods we eat contain both fats and sugars. Some of the reasons food companies make products rich in these compounds are:

  • It is an easy and quick resource for everyday life in a society where there is less and less time to cook;
  • Food high in sugars and fats reduces anxiety and increases well-being, but at the same time, it does little to satisfy hunger, which causes us to end up eating more.

Now let’s look at the consequences of consuming sugar and fats. Which do you think is most harmful?

  1. The risk of sugar

Woman eating cake with fat or sugar.
  • It is important to know that our bodies can accept a limited amount of sugar. The moment we overdo it, insulin turns into fat and fat reserves in certain areas of our body. In addition, excess sugar in turn turns into triglycerides, which are molecules so harmful that, as we already know, they increase cardiovascular risk.
  • Sugar is a type of carbohydrate, but in turn, there are different types of sugars that we consume every day without realizing it: many vitamins are rich in complex sugars; some cereals, in turn, have simple sugars and fruits also contain fructose, which if consumed in large quantities can be harmful.
  • The most harmful sugar is table refined sugar (simple sugar), since it is an empty food and has no nutritional power. The most acceptable or “healthy” is the sugar present in fruits, as it takes longer to be absorbed and gives us more energy.
  • The foods rich in white sugar processed more fattening than fat.
  • The vast majority of sugar we consume on a daily basis comes from the soft drinks and juices we buy in supermarkets.

2. The risk of fats

Foods with fat or sugar

It is important to distinguish between good and bad fats:

  • The so-called “bad” fats are saturated, hydrogenated and “trans”. They come from animal meats, cheeses, dairy products and hydrogenated oils such as margarines. It is not about eliminating them completely from our diet, but rather maintaining an adequate balance, as they provide us with proteins and are basic to synthesize certain hormones and vitamins.
  • If we daily exceed our consumption of bad fats, we run the risk of suffering from arteriosclerosis, obesity and heart problems.
  • Good or “monounsaturated” fats are necessary for our heart health, as they are high in omega-3s, which keep our cholesterol in line. Now, if we exceed our consumption of this type of fat, we will also suffer health problems.

Conclusions We Should Consider

Woman writing her nutritional plan

Nutritionists warn that both compounds are equally dangerous, since most of the foods we consume are rich in them: fats and sugars.

  • The problem is that, generally, when we want to maintain a healthier diet, we tend to eliminate fats from our diet, without considering that many of the foods we consume are rich in sugars, such as natural juices.
  • The biggest danger is in sugar, present in a large part of our everyday foods.
  • Perhaps many think that a healthy option is low-fat or saccharin-containing foods. Well, the truth is that they are still a danger, since sweeteners like saccharin or sucralose do not help with weight loss, nor are they as healthy as we think, not to mention that they stimulate hunger. On the other hand, when food companies sell their products with the “low fat” label, what they actually do is eliminate the fat but add sugar. Do you know why? Because when the fat is removed from a product, the taste is not pleasant, so the best option is to sweeten it, and thus, we still have the same problems.

To conclude, both compounds are equally harmful, but the biggest risk is in sugar because it is usually present in most of the foods we have at home. It’s best to keep a proper balance, and always read what you’re consuming first.

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