When Little Riding Hood Faced Her Fears, She Wore A Wolf Skin

Without a doubt, our worst fears are created by ourselves in our mind. Stop poisoning yourself with the past, cling to what is good and move on
When Little Riding Hood faced her fears, she wore wolf skin

Fears are like predators lurking in the woods of our lives, chasing us, watching us with their wolf’s pelt.

Sometimes we feel vulnerable, like Chapeuzinho, who, in a rite of passage, had to start a new stage by entering unknown scenarios.

In these scenarios you must challenge yourself, get to know yourself, and discover where your own limits are.

Living is exploring,  battling each day against our own insecurities and fears to prevent them from overcoming us.

Only then can we be self-sufficient creatures who are not fooled, who trust their sense of smell, their intuition and their own experience.

Today we propose that you transform, cast aside the hood of your fears and embrace your wolves. Lead your own herd!

Your fears are your predators

fearless little red hood

Fears have a basic use for our survival. They alert us, they are our mechanism for detecting any risk that could put us in danger.

  • Once our brain processes some threat, it releases adrenaline, and neurotransmitters speed up our heart rate and tense our muscles to “run away.”
  • In our past, these mechanisms had the sole purpose of protecting against various real predators.
  • These days, these threats,  these predators, are different and rarely have a definite body, shape or presence.

In the 21st century, the most common predators are in our heads. Often camouflaged for best friends and family.

It is necessary to identify and discover everything, internally and externally, that is capable of stealing our happiness, our right to be worthy, courageous and people capable of living in balance and harmony with our surroundings.

The predator of your insecurity

We all have a voice, we have our rights, virtues and strengths.

However, sometimes we put aside our qualities to bow our heads and accept what others tell us what to do or simply expect of us.

  • When we become mere puppets for the advice of others, our dignity is lost, day by day, moment by moment.
  • In these cases, we cannot blame anyone for our unhappiness: the predator lives inside us, not outside.

We must be able to wear our wolf skin to regain our courage, to run free again and practice the self-confidence that exalts and defends us, that respects and respects itself.

The external predator that says “you can’t, you don’t know, you don’t deserve it”

Little red hood in the snow scared

In our daily routines, different predators are hidden, almost strategically, that relentlessly corrode us.

  • Sometimes, it is the family itself that prevents us from growing, putting obstacles in front of our right to be creators of our destiny and our decisions.
  • Other times it’s our partners, who confuse love with dominance and affection with manipulation.
  • People and children are barred from their right to be unique, different, to do things their way, and demonstrate their abilities…

The predators that most exist in excess are the ones that rip off their wings and impede freedom.

The predator that anchors your past and keeps you from moving forward

We all have our stories, we are all the result of our past. However, everything that happened in the past defines us but does not determine us.

  • One of the worst internal predators is the one that sticks to the past, preventing us from moving forward.
  • Moving forward means getting rid of most of these rocks that weigh so heavily on our emotional backpack.
  • It is necessary to release much of the burden through acceptance, forgiveness, and this personal confrontation. Decide to stick with what’s good, and not poison yourself with bad memories.

Let’s be resilient, accepting yesterday. Be like this herd of wolves, wise and free, with hope and without fear.

Predators that suck the air, tranquility, happiness

Little red hood scared of the wolf

There are predators that tie us in their clutches of pessimism, discouragement and constant worry.

  • They are the thieves of calm, artists of bad moods, and those storms that infiltrate our minds, ending our happiness.
  • You must identify them, recognize their characteristics, and manage the impact they can have on your life. Filter out your negativity and feel at peace, safe from this toxicity.

Stop being the shy and naive Little Hat. Become a wise creature, with energy, vitality, and able to transform your reality to be happier.

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