Why Should We Turn Off The Wifi Router At Night?

Due to electromagnetic pollution, our body can have different health problems, so we should restrict its use, for example, turning off the wi-fi when we are not using it.
Why should we turn off the wifi router at night?

New technologies have revolutionized the world and expanded the possibilities for communication, work, leisure and anything else we can imagine. In this sense, wireless internet connection, that is, wi-fi, became essential; since it allows you to access many other very useful tools.

Wi-fi has become indispensable in homes, work environments, schools and many other spaces where connectivity is offered to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet offers.

However, there are some disadvantages that many people are not aware of and that may even be influencing our health.

Many experts are calling it a “silent enemy” and its main argument is the levels of radiation it emits.

In this article, we’ll describe in detail what your dangers are and what you can do to minimize the risk.

What are the hidden dangers of wi-fi technology?

WIFI router

Although many documents have already been released about the dangers of radiation that mobile devices and other devices emit, many people still ignore the subject or are not fully aware of the risks.

Even though technology is here to stay several decades ago, it takes much longer to understand exactly the influence it has on the human organism.

So far, there has been a lot of scientific research that has looked at the impact of electromagnetic waves on brain activity and body systems.

There is evidence to suggest that it is related to the appearance of cancers and other types of diseases that are difficult to treat.

Wi fi risks to neurons

In a report intended for the public, known as Bioiniciative, some 2,000 international research studies linking prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation with certain tumors are summarized .

other dangers

Furthermore, it could be one of the causes of ongoing episodes of headaches, hyperactivity or poor sleep quality.

Indeed, those who work with this type of equipment follow strict safety recommendations; whose purpose is to reduce the negative effects of radiation on the body.

Concern grows with the exposure of children, who are more susceptible to harm; because they are in the process of growing.

For this reason, countries like England, France and Sweden have already started to withdraw Wi-Fi from schools, museums and other public places.

In order to regulate the use of this technology and seek other systems that allow you to enjoy the web through electrical connections.

What steps can I take to lessen the negative impact of Wi-Fi?

In order to reduce the negative impacts of this technology, there are several measures that can be used:

  • Turn off the router overnight or when no one is using it. If the device is located in the kitchen or bedroom, transfer it as soon as possible to another, less frequented location.
  • Ask about cable network installation, including telephone. While cordless phones are more practical, their radiation can also have harmful effects.
  • Only use mobile devices and computers within a certain period. Anyway, avoid having them in the bedroom.
  • Enjoy more time outdoors, exercise; still try to read paper newspapers and magazines, cut down on digital ones.
WiFi interference in the brain


To date, there is no permanent and reliable control system or entity that allows consumers to know the dangers to which they are exposed according to the level of radiation.

The aggravating factor is that electromagnetic pollution is growing by leaps and bounds in a short time, and it is not known what levels it will reach in a few years.

In countries like Japan and the United States, another type of mobile technology is already being developed; that does not involve the use of electromagnetic waves.

It is estimated that it takes about 30 years for the effects of these devices on the human body to appear.

Overexposure to them is something we shouldn’t ignore; and, although it seems that we can do little, each one can take their own measures to diminish it.

Finally, as consumers of this type of technology, we must take precautions and use them more responsibly.

Although we can do thousands of things every day thanks to wi-fi; we must not forget that it also has several consequences.

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