Why Should You Put Black Pepper In The Washing Machine?

Black pepper has uses that go beyond improving the flavor of recipes in the kitchen. Did you know that it is possible to put it in the washing machine to complete the wash? Next, we’ll tell you how she can help with the laundry.
Why should you put black pepper in the washing machine?

Anyone who has never witnessed the slow fading of the colors of new clothes after a few washes can consider themselves lucky. Anyway, this is a problem that usually varies according to the type of fabric and the care received.  But after all, why should you put black pepper in the washing machine?

According to popular wisdom, including this spice in the wash can help preserve colors. So, if turning your clothes inside out doesn’t work, or if using specific products doesn’t work either, this may be considered an option. Next, we’ll talk more about the subject.

Why put black pepper in the washing machine?

For many years, black pepper was used as an adjunct to promote the removal of residues from laundry products. Anecdotal data report that  this seasoning acts like “sandpaper” inside the washing machine. Therefore, in addition to its use as a condiment, it can be a good option for clothing care.

In particular, its properties are said to help maintain the original color of colored clothes. There are even those who claim that it helps clothes to be less wrinkled. It is noteworthy that the colors most benefited by this ingredient are dark, such as blue or black. How about trying it out?

You should keep in mind that this is a popular trick and therefore there is no certainty that it will work. Still, you can try it next time you wash colorful clothes. Avoid using it on white or light clothing as unwanted stains may appear.

Put black pepper in the washing machine

How should black pepper be added to the washing machine?

You are likely to be curious to try this interesting washing trick. However, this must be done correctly to avoid possible inconveniences. In the space below, we will tell you the step-by-step steps for you to do the process in the most efficient way.

  • Preparing the ingredient : first, grind the black pepper as much as possible. That is, make it become a powder.
  • Condition the clothes with the seasoning : once the seasoning is ready, it should be incorporated into the washing area. About two tablespoons is recommended.
  • Preparing the machine : to finish, just turn on the washing machine and use the usual programmes. Residues will be removed with washing. When the wash is finished, you can lay out the clothes in the usual way.

Final recommendations for preserving clothing colors

Putting black pepper in the washing machine isn’t the only way to keep your clothes in color longer. Currently, there are detergents and products manufactured for the same purpose. However,  if you prefer natural methods, there are other interesting tricks :

  • To keep the color of your favorite clothes alive, add 1/4 cup of salt to every quart of cold water. Then put the clothes on and let them soak overnight. Finally, wash as usual.
  • Remember to always read the labels on each part. Depending on the type of fabric, a specific type of wash is suggested. By following the recommendations, you can keep colors longer.
  • If the pieces fade, wash them by hand, separated from the others. Also, soak them in a little water with white vinegar before washing.
  • Try using cold wash because the  hot water can cause fading of some types of clothing.
  • To take care of both the color and quality of fabrics, add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the wash cycle. This ingredient has a similar function to black pepper. If, in addition, you are also looking for softness, add 1 cup of white vinegar.
Dirty laundry

What should we remember about these washing tricks?

Both black pepper and other natural ingredients seem to help complement the laundry. However,  you have to consider that these are tricks that originate from popular wisdom  and therefore there is no certainty that they will work. Anyway, they can be tested according to the indicated instructions.

If you decide to put black pepper in the washing machine, remember that this should be done when washing dark clothes.  It is not recommended for white clothing as it can cause stains. So, did this trick work in your house? Tell us about your experience!

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